Did You Think American Gods was Perfect? Because it Just Cast Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy

You heard us right! Orlando Jones will be Mr. Nancy in Bryan Fuller and Michael Green’s adaptation of American Gods! Hence, Bryan Fuller has now assembled a cast that is somehow more than perfect. And as if that was not enough, say hello to your new Mr. Ibis, 12 Monkeys‘ Demore Barnes! Jones was most recently seen being severely underused as Captain Frank Irving on Sleepy Hollow, and Barnes was Marcus Whitley on Twelve Monkeys. (He also had a brief but memorable role as Tobias Budge on Bryan Fuller’s previous show, Hannibal.)

For those who have not read Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods follows an ex-con named Shadow who gets a job with the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, and finds himself caught up in a war between the old gods and the new. And just to catch everyone up, we have: Ricky Whittle as Shadow; Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday; Cloris Leachman as Zorya Vechernyaya; Peter Stormare as Czernobog; Bruce Langley and Crispin Glover as the Technical Boy and Mr. World; and Emily Browning as Laura Moon, and, deep breath, Gillian Anderson as Media.

In case there’s any ambiguity here, WE THINK THIS IS PERFECT AND IT NEEDS TO PREMIERE TODAY.

[via EW!]


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