Now We Know How To Summon Banksy

The Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol, England, recently asked its students to choose names for four building. The kids chose Brunel, Blackbeard, Cabot and Banksy – Banksy because Bristol is the artist’s hometown. They returned from their break to a surprise: street art Santa Claus Banksy had come in the night, and left them a mural! And, this being Banksy, the mural is a twist on a simple scene of children at play, featuring a kid rolling a flaming tire down the street instead of a hoop.

Maybe even better, Banksy left plenty of room for the children to add their own art, and wrote them an inspiring note:

“Dear Bridge Farm School, thanks for your letter and naming a house after me. Please have a picture, and if you don’t like it, feel free to add stuff. I’m sure the teachers won’t mind. Remember, it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission. Much love, Banksy.”

Apparently the school’s headteacher, Geoff Mason, isn’t quite on board with the idea of the kids tagging the mural, but he is planning to keep it up as an inspiration to the children, and he’s had the note framed. And thus a new generation of artists is born!

[via This is Colossal!]

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