Behold the Scariest Thing in the Tower of London

Roving boy reporter Chris Lough found this fearsome dragon guarding the Tower of London! Or perhaps it’s laying siege to the Tower of London? It’s unclear why the Tower has a dragon. But check out his glowing eyes! And his gorgeous neck plates! And his, er, hang glider-ish wings! Those casks of what we’re assuming is ale are safe beneath his mighty talons. Apparently this dragon is a throwback to an old tradition of showing off Britain’s might by creating statues from weaponry. “From about 1700, visitors to the Grand Storehouse were stopped in their tracks by John Harris’s stunning displays and models, including a serpent and a seven-headed hydra, which he created from a variety of weapons including muskets, pistols and swords.” Karen Whitting, the Royal Armouries Head of Creative Programmes, teamed up with Haley Sharpe Design to build this noble beast. His name is Keeper, and he stands nearly fifteen feet high and weighs 2,600 pounds. Learn more about Keeper over at the Royal Armouries site!


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