Contemplate the Beauty of the Human Form with The Vitruvian Man Action Figure!

The gradual dissolution of “high” versus “low” culture means that even the most profound works of art can eventually find their way into the toy aisle. Now Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterwork, The Vitruvian Man, will have his day in the sun as he joins the ranks of David, Venus de Milo, and The Thinker as a posable action figure! We’ve gathered a few images of the Vitruvian Man in action, but just in case you’re unsettled by toy nudity, keep in mind that the above picture in the only close-up here. If, however, you want to see Vitruvian Man wrasslin’ with David, click through!

Here’s the classic Vitruvian:

Full Virtuvian Man


But as long as you have extra arms, you may as well try a Vishnu pose:

Vitruvian Vishnu


The Vitruvian Man can convey nonchalance, exasperation, and sassiness simultaneously!

Sassy Vitruvian Man


Finally, here’s that wrestling picture we promised you:

Vitruvian Man wrestles David


[via Boingboing!]



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