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Rocket Talk Episode 77: Does Hamilton Count as Genre?

Welcome back to the Rocket Talk podcast! We’ve got some tremendous shows coming in the weeks ahead. So stay tuned!

This week’s show features Rocket Talk regular, Amal El-Mohtar. She joins Justin Landon to talk about Hamilton, the musical cultural sensation. The pair discuss what makes the musical so great, how it’s impacting the discussion, and whether or not it qualifies as “genre”.

Amal El-Mohtar is a Canadian author and blogger. She’s won several awards for her poetry and was nominated for the Nebula Award in 2011 for her short story “The Green Book”, won the 2015 Locus Award for “The Truth About Owls”, and was nominated again for the Nebula in 2016 for “Madeleine.” Her non-fiction work can be found at, NPR, and Lightspeed Magazine.


Rocket Talk Episode 77  (1:02:52)

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