What if Elsa was a Jedi and Met Toothless?

Perhaps you believed that yesterday’s Force Awakens/Frozen crossover was the most adorable thing you’d ever seen? Well, we see that and raise it: here is a small human, in Elsa/Rey mashup cosplay, gleefully brandishing an icy lightsaber, while riding Toothless!

Take that, internet! And by all means click through for more amazing shots of the small human as she battles her way across Wizard World Comic Con in Des Moines.

Elsa/Rey meets Elsa!

Elsa/Rey with Elsa


Elsa/Rey meets Anna, and a fight breaks out! Wait…where did Anna get a lightsaber? Did we miss a scene in Frozen?

Elsa/Rey vs Anna


And, oh, this one was inevitable – Elsa/Rey battles Kylo Ren! And it looks like the floor’s just about to open up into a chasm between them!

Elsa/Rey vs Kylo Ren


Maybe someone should tell Kylo his grandpa’s standing right behind him? Luckily for us this amazing cosplayer has an official photographer in the form of her dad. You can see more of his photos on Imgur!

[via Hitfix!]

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