New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Does a Better Job of Exploration Than the Last One

Lots of Trek fans weren’t too happy with the last Star Trek Beyond trailer, leaving both director Justin Lin and Simon Pegg (who helped write the script this time around) to assure the masses that it wasn’t exactly a good representation of the film. But here’s a new trailer! And there’s more talking! And plot!

Chris Pine also has a more Shatner-esque hairdo, so, you know–all things are possible now.

Here we go:

This inspires far more confidence than the last trailer, for sure. It seems wise to point out that this Jim Kirk needs to finally become his own person (rather than someone doing to the good work of the late George Kirk or the late Captain Pike). Scotty is having his own side adventures with a new pal, and the ship maybe explodes? (NO.) Plus Spock and McCoy are talking! Which is, pointedly, the most important thing about Star Trek. So… excited now?


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