“She Has Arrived”: Watch the Extended Trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence

As we saw in the most recent featurette for Independence Day: Resurgence, after winning back their independence in 1996, Earth took alien technology and used it to improve the military, colonize the Moon, and… not really prepare for the possibility of the aliens coming back. This complacency bites them in the ass in a big way when, twenty years later, the aliens return. More specifically, “she”—the mothership with her own gravity. And she’s getting her revenge by picking up our cities then smashing them down, skyscraper-point-first, into other cities.

Matching the size of the mothership, this extended trailer is five minutes long, filled with aliens using former President Bill Pullman as their mouthpiece, lots of Earth and space battles, and a little bit of meta humor (“They like to get the landmarks”) from Jeff Goldblum. The next generation is ready to win back their independence; watch below:

Independence Day: Resurgence crashes into theaters June 23.


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