We Are Sad That We Cannot Go to Japan and Eat Captain America: Civil War Ramen

What’s inside these familiar-looking decorative bowls, you ask? Civil War in a soup! Marvel teamed up with the popular Japanese ramen chain Ippudo in May to give the public a dose of superhero-themed food.

And we are very sad that we do not live in Japan right now.

The ramen created for this event is replete with items that are meant to reflect each member of the team. The “A” and star designs in Cap’s team are obvious, but some of these representative foods are more of a stretch than others—they got Ant-Man by deciding that the English word “man” was close to “men,” which is the Japanese word for noodle. Then they flecked the noodle with pepper, to create an “ant-noodle”! And for Hawkeye? Komatsuna greens make a nice stand in for the fletching on his arrows…

Ippudo Marvel ramen event

Then there’s Tony’s team, with a fried egg to stand in for the arc reactor, and orange noodles for Black Widow’s hair. (They are infused with carrots!)

Ippudo Marvel ramen event

But ramen wasn’t the only thing Ippudo had on offer. You could also get a serving of DIY riceballs, which are wrapped in nori featuring the faces of various Marvel heroes.

Ippudo Marvel ramen event

That glowingsoda? Super-Soldier Serum Soda. Those orange squiggles? “Winter Noodles.” Yeah, we’re not sure how that works with the theme, aside from the awesome cup.

Ippudo Marvel ramen event

And to top it all off: Captain America Panna Cotta. YES.

Ippudo Marvel ramen event

We are very sad that we didn’t get the chance to sample this ourselves. We should probably just move to Japan for all ramen-related promotional events.

[From RocketNews24]


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