Boba Fett Captures the Nebula Awards

Why yes that is John Hodgman and Boba Fett overseeing this year’s Nebula Awards ceremony. The snap is just one of many gorgeous photos taken by author John Scalzi, who recently posted an extensive photo tour through the 2016 awards reception. Take a look!

(All photos are copyright John Scalzi, used with permission of the artist.)

We must confess to harboring a little bit (re: a LOT) of hometown pride in seeing Nnedi Okorafor win the Best Novella award for her Publishing novella Binti! (Which you can read here.) Congrats, Nnedi!

Nebula Awards Nnedi Okorafor


Here’s C.J. Cherryh ushering in her status as the 32nd Damon Knight Grand Master:

Nebula Awards C.J. Cherryh


Some peace out/peace in from Best Short Story winner Alyssa Wong:

Nebula Awards Alyssa Wong


One moment, it’s time for Sarah Pinsker to win the award for Best Novelette:

Nebula Awards Sarah Pinsker


David D. Levine what is this feeling you stir within us:

Nebula Awards David D. Levine


Naomi Novik after winning Best Novel:

Nebula Awards Naomi Novik


And a wonderfully candid shot of Tor Books author Fran Wilde, with her editor Miriam Weinberg, upon hearing that she’s won the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy!

Nebula Awards Fran Wilde


Check out Scalzi’s full album for some serious dapper fun, more John Hodgman, and even a musical number…


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