Announcing Cold Counsel by Chris Sharp is proud to announce that Tor Books Associate Editor Jennifer Gunnels has acquired Cold Counsel, a new novel from Chris Sharp. Cold Counsel follows Slud, the last Troll of the Blood Claw Clan. He has been raised as an instrument of vengeance by his Aunt Agnes, but she’s created more than she bargained for. On his quest to exact revenge from the Rock Wolf goblin clan, Slud is reluctantly joined by a antisocial and indestructible goblin warrior, a power-hungry goblin mage, the last wolf descended from Fenris, a scribe, and the powerful entity who used to be his Aunt Agnes.

Every one of these characters is flawed, unscrupulous, and ruthless—and all the more delightful for it. It’s Conan the Barbarian meets Tolkien!

Chris Sharp had this to say about the acquisition:

The hero of this book was first created with the roll of dice for an obscure role-playing game in the seventh grade. We didn’t play that game for long, but the character, Slud the Unclean, would stay with me. He became the stuff of art projects and doodles in the corner of pages. I imagined stories of his dark exploits and pretended to hear his harsh voice in my head when I was acting foolish.

In theory, I’ve since grown up, but in a way, that angry troll became my guide back to the abandon of youthful creativity. I could not escape the dream of one day unleashing him and his brethren upon the world.

I am thrilled with the glee of a grown-ass child that will be my champion to allow this dream to come. Thank you for the wicked wisdom and keen wit of Jennifer Gunnels who made this happen. In Slud we trust.

Cold Counsel is expected to publish in early 2017.


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