Godzilla Celebrates Take Your Child to Work Day!

Take Your Child To Work Day is a chaotic time – hordes of tiny creatures swarming office spaces, demanding attention and snacks and opportunities to spin around in swivel chairs. But imagine, if you will, Godzilla participating in this tradition! Tumblr-er CaqtusComics proposed such a scenario to fellow Tumblr-er Iquanamouth, and the resulting comic is perfection.

Every Take Your Baby ‘Zilla To Work Day starts with the same questions: What’s a rampage? Who’s Mothra? Can you show us your favorite building in Tokyo (to demolish)? And naturally Momzilla wants her kids to understand the proud heritage of flattening major metropolises:




Kids are always a little surprised to find out what their parents actually do all day:



And of course they want to try it out for themselves:



And thus a new generation of Godzillas are inspired to fight Baby Ghidoras, Gigans, and, er, urban infrastructure.


Check out the rest of the comic over at Iguanamouth’s site!

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