Could Sebastian Stan Play a Young Luke Skywalker?

Instagram artist “morphy_me” recently photoshopped actor Sebastian Stan’s face onto a still of “The Empire Strikes Back“-era Luke Skywalker and the result is uncanny. Could Disney tap the Winter Soldier to helm a movie showing what Luke Skywalker did between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens?

Merging celebrity faces is morphy_me’s specialty, so the comparison goes beyond a mere cut-and-paste. Certain aspects of Sebastian Stan’s face have clearly been enlarged or omitted in order to fashion Stan more organically into the guise of a younger Mark Hamill.

Is there something there, though? Here’s a crappy cut-and-paste I did in two seconds just to confirm this with my own eyes. (Dig those two sets of eyebrows!)

Crappy Sebastian Stan Luke


Mark Hamill, what do you think?

Forget the young Han Solo movie, I want THIS.


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