Celebrate May the 4th with a Media Format From a Long Time Ago…

OfftrackOutlet has taken on a historic project! They are selecting some of the greatest current movies and transforming them into (watchable!!!) VHS tapes, complete with wonderfully retro VHS box art. In honor of May the 4th, we’re sharing their VHS of The Force Awakens, but you can see more of their collection below!

 MUUURPH! Be sure to rewind, MUUURPH!

Interstellar on VHS


You can even get the cassette soundtrack for The Greatest Triple Feature of All Time (Non-LOTR Edition):

It Follows, Her, and Ex Machina on VHS


Here’s a collection that makes us tear up a little:

Wes Anderson VHS collection

And here’s our pick for best cover of all:

Mad Max: Fury Road on VHS

Check out more VHS tapes over on Instagram and Tumblr (Now there’s a sentence we never expected to type..) and remember, if any of them look fuzzy, it just means you need to adjust the tracking.

[via Laughing Squid!]

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