Ann VanderMeer Acquires The Warren by Brian Evenson Publishing is proud to announce that consulting editor Ann VanderMeer has acquired her first novella from us. Scheduled for publication this fall, Brian Evenson’s novella The Warren is a tense, thoughtful exploration of a battle for survival between two beings with competing claims to humanity. Ann VanderMeer is a Hugo Award winning editor who has acquired wonderful short fiction for over the past few years, and we’re honored to have her on board with another amazing project.

Brian Evenson is the author of a dozen books of fiction, most recently the story collection A Collapse of Horses. His collection Windeye and the novel Immobility were both finalists for a Shirley Jackson Award. His novel Last Days won the American Library Association’s award for Best Horror Novel of 2009). His novel The Open Curtain was a finalist for an Edgar Award and an International Horror Guild Award. He is the recipient of three O. Henry Prizes as well as an NEA fellowship.

From Ann VanderMeer:

I’ve known Brian Evenson for at almost two decades and been a fan of his work for even longer. I first encountered his fiction in the genre-bending anthology Air Fish—with his story “Altmann’s Tongue.” This was also the title story of his first short story collection and its publication created a controversy at Brigham Young University (where he was a professor) and eventually led to his leaving the Mormon Church. The first time I published his work was in 1997 in my magazine The Silver Web.

And the first time I finally met him was when he visited Tallahassee as a guest of the Fiction Collective Two (FC2) publishing venture that resided at FSU in the early 2000s. I’ll never forget watching him read what turned out to be a very funny piece, and yet all of the graduate students in attendance were so serious that none of them laughed. Yes, Brian’s work is dark but it can also be darkly humorous as well. You can see an example of his humor in such projects as The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases and the sequel, The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities.

In addition to writing sharp, biting and cold-hearted dark fiction, he has also translated other works of fiction; including a never before translated story from the French writer Jacques Barbéri for our forthcoming The Big Book of Science Fiction.

Brian was recently featured in The New Yorker.

I am thrilled to be presenting his newest novella The Warren.


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