Is This Our First Look at a New Cinematic Team of X-Men?

io9, Comic Book Resources, and other online nerd news sources are picking up on a new image from X-Men: Apocalypse that was recently posted to Reddit Comic Books. The image appears to show a new team of X-Men emerging from the chaos of the forthcoming movie, a team that looks more like their comic book counterparts than ever before.

This is potentially spoilery, so if you want to check out the line-up, take a peek below the cut.

First, some spoiler space!




And maybe another peek at the newest trailer, featuring “Someoneverine”.


Here’s the pic (click to enlarge):

X-Men Apocalypse team line-up

Look at everyone in their comic book costumes! Cyclops and his 1990s sash, Jean and her shoulder pads, everyone and their shoulder pads…everyone here looks so great, who wouldn’t want to just watch them go on missions?

Storm’s presence in the line-up is a bit confusing, since she’s clearly been shown as one of Apocalypse’s horsemen, fighting Cyclops and the X-Men in very different costumes. Does this image depict the very end of the film? Perhaps not, as there’s a clip from the latest trailer that shows Mystique in the same comics costume she has on here, stating “You’re not students anymore, you’re X-Men.” They’re all clearly geared to fight, so perhaps there’s an ending action sequence we haven’t yet seen in the trailers? Or maybe the Storm vs. Cyclops sequence is an earlier fight that just looks too similar to the whole “dusty destroyed NYC” portion in the trailers? These CGI spectacles all kind of blend into a grey goop after a while…

Do Archangel and Psylocke survive the movie? Also, where’s Jubilee? She’s not in this photo either. I have so many questions! And now I’m actually kind of excited to see this film, just to see watch the X-Men march proudly into the rest of the 1980s and early 90s.


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