Whether You Love Tyrion, Sansa, or Jon Snow, There’s a Book for You!

Season six of Game of Thrones has just begun! Fans of the show who don’t mind venturing into exciting new post-book territory can exult in their favorite characters return. But what of those who prefer to read? Since we don’t yet have The Winds of Winter in our hands, the fantastic Lincoln Michel wrote up a possible solution over at Men’s Journal. He went through GoT character by character, selecting novels from all across the literary spectrum that touch on the themes of Martin’s work. Are you an Arya? Chances are you’ll enjoy Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle, which features another character who is both “childish and wise beyond her years”, and who has “never been able to fit in to the society around her.” Plus it’s Shirley Jackson, so you can’t really go wrong. Perhaps her brother Bran is your favorite? Then you might like The Famished Road by Ben Okri, since it “follows a Nigerian spirit-child who refuses to leave the mortal world, despite the pleading of his fellow spirits.” And obviously if you like Cersei (or at least empathize with her) Robert Graves’ I, Claudius is the novel for you.

One spoiler alert, though: if Rickon’s your favorite, you’re out of luck.


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