Maisie Williams Crashed a Game of Thrones Party with Delightful Results

There are many benefits to living in the future. It turns out that one of the best is that when an actor on a juggernaut of a television show wants to watch the premiere of said show with her fans, all she has to do is start a Twitter conversation. Last night Maisie Williams asked the internet if any UCLA students were planning to throw Game of Thrones‘ premiere parties, and made a vague promise of a “surprise” for the best party. Little did the unsuspecting party-goers realize: the surprise was Maisie herself!

The Inciting Incident:

Game of Thrones Party Tweet

And even knowing that Westerosi parties are often marked by death, and even with that creepy hooded emoji, people actually responded! She was welcomed into the chosen party in a manner befitting one of the heirs of Winterfell:

Game of Thrones Party Host

Arya may have given up hope for Jon Snow, but most of the partygoers had not:

Jon Snow's Odds

And best of all, she finally gets her hands on her own dragon egg! If only this could carry over to the show, and we could have the Dany/Arya/Tyrion/Varys squad of our dreams.

Maisie gets a dragon egg

You can see more of the party over at Vanity Fair!

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