A Deadpool Knife Block, For When You Need to Expend MAXIMUM EFFORT in the Kitchen

Originally, Chemical Engineer Britt Michelson planned to create a Julius Caesar knife block, which was funny enough. But when she saw Deadpool, she realized she had found her true 3D printing subject. She used freeware, including Autodesk Recap 360, Sculptris, and Autodesk Meshmixer, to create Deadpool’s bust, printed him out on a 3D printer, and took her kitchen to a whole new level. Because she, too, is a superhero, she shared the whole process on Instructables, so you, too, can share a cooking experience with the Merc with a Mouth.

Just imaging whipping a knife out of this sucker, turning to your friends, and informing them that it’s time to make chimichangas! Oh, but maybe keep him away from your pans. He is pansexual after all, so he and your crockery may get up to some mischief.

[via Mental Floss!]


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