Woman Creates Incredible Freehand Stitched Dune Covers

Over on Reddit, SummerRay drew attention to her mother’s phenomenal stitching skills—that Dune landscape (based on a cover illustration by Bruce Pennington) was created by hand. With needles and threads and things.

Pretty sure her mom is kwisatz haderach.

These three works of art reportedly took eight months a piece, each based on the work of cover artist Bruce Pennington. The top image is from Herbert’s God Emperor of Dune, while this one is based on the cover of Dune Messiah:

Free stitch, SummerRay, reddit, Dune, Bruce Pennington

Dune, Bruce Pennington

Here’s one based on the cover of A.E. Van Vogt’s Children of Tomorrow:

Free stitch, SummerRay, reddit, Children of Tomorrow, Bruce Pennington

Children of Tomorrow, Bruce Pennington

The Dune Messiah and Children of Tomorrow pieces have already been sold, but SummerRay says that her mother refuses to let go of God Emperor of Dune. She’s also convinced her to start in on some Star Wars inspired ones, so keep your eyes peeled for more of these beauties.



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