This Tribble Livestream is the Best Thing to Come Out of April Fool’s Day, Ever

At this point we have to throw our hands up in defeat. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has everyone beat on April Fool’s Day with a clever little piece titled “Tribble Trial Tends Toward Trouble.”

They are breeding tribbles in the museum. There’s a livestream of them. This cannot end well.

The article details the museum’s new experiment as follows:

At 12:01 am EDT this morning, the National Air and Space Museum began breeding tribbles. This bold, innovative, not-at-all-ill-advised experiment will run for 24 hours, until 11:59 pm tonight, allowing Museum specialists to study the galaxy’s most adorable ecological disaster in greater detail than ever before.

The museum goes on to explain their reasons for breeding tribble, and possible uses for the furry friends, including food sources, energy, and museum souvenirs. An update on the article clearly states that the museum reached capacity in terms of tribbles, and that they were working with “contractor Cyrano Jones” (the man responsible for unleashing them on Space Station K-7 in the first place) to find a suitable creature to devour their surplus. The final addendum is as follows:

Nick Partridge is a public affairs specialist at the National Air and Space Museum, but has not been seen since tribbles overran the communications office. He was last spotted wearing a red shirt.

But that’s not all: There’s a livestream! A livestream of fluffy tribbles and their occasional handlers. We will now be watching this for the rest of the day. Good evening to you all.

Read more on the experiment (and check out another clever video) here.


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