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Rocket Talk Episode 76: Myke Cole and Isaac Fitzgerald

Welcome back to the Rocket Talk podcast! We apologize for a few weeks delay, but two recordings had to be discarded due to bad audio. Nevertheless, we return in fine fashion!

This episode brings fantasy writing standout Myke Cole back to the show and welcomes BuzzFeed Books Editor, Isaac Fitzgerald for the first time. Isaac gives us the straight dope on BuzzFeed’s mission and breaks down their approach to content. Myke and Isaac then start a conversation about the intersection of genre fiction and general fiction in the modern cultural environment. Finally, Myke convinces you to buy his book.

As a security contractor, government civilian, and military officer, Myke Cole’s career has run the gamut from counterterrorism to cyber warfare to federal law enforcement. He’s done three tours in Iraq and was recalled to serve during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. His first series, the Shadow Ops Trilogy, is complete. Gemini Cell and Javelin Rain are the start of a new series set in the same universe—you can read an excerpt from Javelin Rain here on

Isaac Fitzgerald is the editor at BuzzFeed Books and co-founder of Pen & Ink. He uses Twitter.


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Also! If you have an idea for an episode of Rocket Talk or would like to come on as a guest, reach out to Justin Landon at [email protected]. Obviously, we can’t accommodate everyone, but we’re always looking for new ideas and fresh perspectives. You can find all of the episodes of Rocket Talk on here.


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