This Harry Potter Nursery Makes Us Want to Be Young Again

A tip of the Sorting Hat to Tiffany Nicole and her husband, who created this wonderfully elaborate Harry Potter themed nursery! Huge Potter fans themselves, the couple were busy introducing their older children to the Potter films when the idea struck to transform the nursery—in preparation for baby Carlisle—into a wizarding world wonderland! Tap the correct brick Click through for more photos of this magical nursery!

This nursery comes equipped with both a puppy-sized Fang and caged Hedwig for companionship, plus a top-of-the-line broom and an epic Marauder’s Map for all your adventuring needs!

HP Nursery

We think baby Carlisle might be a little small for a Monster Book of Monsters? But good call on that Dementor figurine – it’s never too early to desensitize a child to those jerks. And is that a time turner we see? It seems at least one escaped that accident at the Ministry…


Aw, and they’ve included a photo of the original Order of the Phoenix, presumably to give Carlisle some heroes to look up to.

Order of the Phoenix Group Shot

We’re guessing the family has a talent for potions, so little Carlisle has everything he needs to brew fame or bottle glory, including a tiny Snape to scowl at him!


And, in an example of A+ parenting, they’ve made the simple act of flicking a a light switch extra illuminating:


But our very favorite part of the whole room is a small detail just above the crib. No, not the expertly rendered Gryffindor coat of arms—did you notice whose picture will be hanging right over little Carlisle?


Yeah. Yeah, that’s Hagrid holding tiny Baby Harry. Um, we might need a minute? You can see more of the nursery over at Bored Panda!

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