Stormlight Archive Fan-Made Funko POP Figure is (Storm)blessed

Has Funko POP started making figurines of the characters from Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive?! Sadly, no—this is the handiwork of the talented Jenny Slife. A graphic designer and illustrator, Slife has crafted many a custom-made Funko POP figure, including this excellent take on Kaladin Stormblessed. She even made a cute animation of the moment in Words of Radiance when Syl becomes Kal’s Shardblade.

Kal is the only Stormlight Archive character that Slife has made thus far (here he is chilling with Jon Snow), but she has amassed quite the exclusive collection. Take a spin through her Instagram and you’ll find figures of George R.R. MartinGeneral Hux, Imperator Furiosa (with her new buddy Pascal from Tangled)—in short, all the Funko POP figures you wish existed. Unfortunately, Slife is not currently taking commissions for custom figurines, though that may change in the future.


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