Batlexander Manilton Fights Like He’s Running Out of Time in This Batman/Hamilton Mashup

After the flop that was Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, you would be understandably wary of other superhero musicals; and the Dark Knight meeting The Great White Way isn’t exactly an intuitive choice, anyway. But comedy collective Turtle Cameron has whipped up a really impressive Batman/Hamilton crossover in the form of “Batlexander Manilton”—giggle-worthy title but really smart lyrics. Time to add a new hashtag to the growing list of Hamilton fandom mashups: #Bat4Ham.

Where other Hamilton mashups have failed is in trying to parody Lin-Manuel Miranda’s rapid-fire lyrics, especially in the oft-spoofed opening number “Alexander Hamilton.” But Turtle Collective really connected a pencil to their collective brains and spilled out this impressive testament to the Caped Crusader:

How does a bat-scared, orphan, one with a fortune and options
Who watched as the barrel of a revolver shot right in the abdomen his
mother and his father near an opera
Grow up to battle villains, rogues and robbers?
The night stalker, Gotham guarder covered in armor saw it got darker
So he fought a lot harder
To become a lot larger
A persona non grata
To take fear, and turn it around on the darkest-hearted

Batlexander Manilton
My name is Batlexander Manilton
But if I’m ever asked by anyone
I’m just Bruce Wayne…just Bruce Wayne.

He coulda just left the cops to do what they were meant to do
He woulda been set collectin’ dues from all his vested institutions
Started lurkin’, hurtin’ all the great city’s scam lords
Perchin’ on the turrets like an airborne urban man o war.
Scannin’ for every crook he can get his hands on
Plannin’ for his legend to transcend a mortal man
See, the pow’r of his myth is our Bruce’s new plan
You’ll use your suit and be a new man.

And so forth. Watch the whole thing for yourself, in which the Joker plays Aaron Burr—though a surprise guest also flies in to take the “I’m the damn fool that shot him” line—while Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Rachel Dawes, and Harvey Dent weigh in. Who lives, who dies, who tells your story is pretty appropriate here:

via Nerdist


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