New Wonder Woman Still Introduces Diana’s Family and Birthplace!

While Wonder Woman is making a splash in this weekend Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Entertainment Weekly has premiered the first image of Diana with her warrior family! The film creates Diana’s island Themyscira from several different exotic islands, provides battle wear that is both practical and, per the director, “hot as hell”, and, most intriguingly, involves Diana’s family. Unlike Batman, training with only Alfred and/or Ra’s al Ghul to guide him, or Superman, communing with the spirit of his long-dead father, Diana is being raised and prepared for her life of superheroics by three very different women. Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, will be played by Gladiator‘s Connie Nielsen. She wants to keep her daughter safe from the horrors of the world beyond Themyscira. Diana’s two aunts, General Antiope, played by former Princess Bride Robin Wright, and Lieutenant Menalippe, played by Lisa Loven Kongsli want to train her to take on the world. Director Patty Jenkins has been driven by the question: “How would I want to live that’s badass?” This looks like a start.

We’ll get to see Wonder Woman’s origin story on the big screen on June 23, 2017!

[via EW!]


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