Turns Out Clark Kent Doesn’t Even Need the Glasses

If Superman stands in the middle of Times Square and no one recognizes him, was he really there?

Henry Cavill had an interesting experiment in mind while promoting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this week. As he explained to Jimmy Kimmel, “There’s been so much doubt about the validity of Superman’s disguise, which is the glasses. I think it was a perfectly reasonable disguise. So I put it to the test.” Meaning, he would wear a Superman T-shirt and stand in Times Square, where the highest number of tourists and local milling about would have a chance of recognizing him. Except that the experiment backfired, because no one knew who he was.

You can watch the whole thing below, including the video evidence (which Cavill also uploaded to his Instagram):

Cavill is a good sport about the outcome, which is decidedly more hilarious than if fans had actually recognized him. You’ve got to feel a little bad for the guy, and wonder why he didn’t decide to put on the glasses and try the experiment that way.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice punches its way into theaters March 25.


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