Vacations (Like All Things) Are Better With Dinosaurs!

Vacations are great! But imagine how much greater a vacation is if you bring a DINOSAUR! Paraguay-based photographer Jorge Saenz creates paleontological forced-perspective magic in his Instagram series, #Dinodinaseries, that follow Dino, a green Brachiosaurus, is joined by his girlfriend Brachy (brown Brachiosaurus), Dina (Stegosaurus), Spiny (Spinosaurus), and some of their friends on their adventures around South America.

Is there anything more exciting than the last few moments before you land somewhere new?

DinoDina Series Plane Ride

Dino and Brachy check out a mountain view:

DinoDina Series Viewfinder

And try some white water rafting!

DinoDinaSeries Waterfall

Obviously you have to stop and see the historic sites:

DinoDina Series Ruins

Even if you’d rather spend your whole time in the city with friends:

DinoDina Series Cityscape

Dino and Brachy ditch those other dinos to share a romantic moment in the park:

DinoDina Series Romance

Before they drop in on the grandkids! They grow up so fast.

DinoDina Series Grandkids

You can see more of the dino-riffic vacation over at Bored Panda!


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