Zootopia‘s Cast Changes Depending on the Country You See It In

Like a mighty sloth crashing a stamp down upon an official document, Zootopia crushed the box office this weekend, and the odds are good that if you have a small human living in your home you have seen it. But, which country did you see it in? Because the ZNN newscasters change depending on where the film is shown! Animation enthusiast Ryshat’s Corner shared this international roster. The US, Canada, and France all got this very serious moose, China got a panda, Australia and New Zealand got a koala, and, best of all, Japan got a tanuki.

Even better? Several of the newscasters are played by real-life journalists! While the koala is played by singer David Campbell, Canada’s Peter Moosebridge is voiced by CBC News correspondent Peter Mansbridge, and Brazilian jaguar Boi Chá is voiced by Jornal da Band anchor Ricardo Eugenio Boechat.

Zootopia Boi Cha

We’re still waiting for the UK edition of the film, which will feature a corgi news anchor. This is ridiculous, obviously, because while they may be Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite canine, no corgi on earth would have the attention span necessary for a serious career in journalism.

[via Cinemablend!]


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