Scott Kelly Returns from a Year in Space!

Scott Kelly and Russian astronaut Mikhail Kornienko are back on Earth after a #YearinSpace! The astronauts have been on the International Space Station for 11 months, during which time they have: traveled 144 million miles, orbited the globe 5,440 times, and seen 10,880 sunrises and sunsets. But, most importantly for those of us stuck here the whole time, Kelly and Kornienko have been documenting their adventure through Tweets, interviews, and thousands of photos. We’ve gathered a few below!

First, here’s Mikhail Kornienko with his own greeting:

Mikhail Kornienko


Here’s the astronauts’ landing:



Here is Kelly’s last sunrise as seen from space:

Space Sunrise


And his first sunset back on Earth!

Earth Sunset

Ars Technica shared some photos of the astronauts’ landing, and The Washington Post rounded up Kelly’s most memorable Space Tweets, as well as examining the impact that #YearinSpace will have for life on Earth. First up will be measuring the physiological impact on astronaut Kelly, and comparing his post-space body with that of his Earth-bound twin, retired astronaut Mike Kelly. These studies will guide how NASA prepares for potential future journeys to Mars, as well as the long-term possibilities of exploring more of the solar system. Personally? We’re going to go ahead and assume that one or both Kelly brothers are superheroes now.


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