Where Do You Write?

The act of writing is magical. The writer is taking ideas and half-formed thoughts and turning them into books that are tangible, exciting, maybe even life-changing. Naturally, people who love those books become curious about the site of that magic act, which is why so many people are fascinated by writers’ spaces. Thus we get projects like photographer Kyle Cassidy’s “Where I Write“. Does your favorite author live inside a teetering tower of books, like Samuel Delany here? Do they write by candlelight? Does a cat grudgingly share the space? Find out below!

E.E. Knight’s watchful editor thinks it’s time for the photographer to leave so Mr. Knight can get back to work. Unless the photographer has treats.

E. E. Knight

Margaret Weis has a room with a view:

Mrgaret Weis

Ben Bova writes beneath a fleet of planes:

Ben Bova

While Ysabeau Wilce writes beneath a large green eye:

Ysabeau Wilce

Peter Straub believes in desk lamps:

Peter Straub

But Joe Haldeman prefers a more medieval lighting system:

Joe Haldeman

Ellen Datlow’s space teems with tchotchkes:

Ellen Datlow

While Harry Harrison’s space is spartan:

Harry Harrison! Harry Harrison!

And finally, Michael Swanwick is a multitasker: his writing space is also a dancing space!

Michael Swanwick

Kyle Cassidy plans to bring these writing spaces, plus many more, together in a book! We will be sure to update you on the progress. in the meantime, where do you write?


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