Missy Decides to Dress Up as River Song, Steals Her Dress For Doctor Who Fan Event

Michelle Gomez is a gift to humanity, and no one will convince us otherwise. The Doctor’s current “best enemy” showed up to a Doctor Who fan event last weekend wearing a very familiar dress—and we imagine that River Song is livid. (Or maybe super into it? Either way.)

Here is what she posted via Twitter:

Michelle Gomez in River Song's dress

Oh Missy, you’re so fine. But you probably recognize this dress, no? Here’s a helpful memory jog:

River Song, the Doctor, The Husbands of River Song

That would be River’s sparkly evening gown from “The Husbands of River Song.” Fans have been having a field day coming up with theories as to why/how Missy could have gotten her hands on a dress belonging to River. But Missy is far more interested in receiving compliments, of course. (Don’t forget, if you don’t “say something nice,” she might kill you.)

Michelle Gomez, River Song's dress

Oh, Michelle Gomez. You do know the way to our hearts. And our closets, apparently. Everyone lock up your finery…



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