American Gods Finds Its Wednesday on a Wednesday!

The Hollywood Reporter brings us the best Wednesday news: Ian McShane, the star of Deadwood, American Horror Story and the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, will join Starz’s American Gods as Mr. Wednesday!

In Neil Gaiman’s classic fantasy, Mr. Wednesday is an aging con artist who hires an ex-con named Shadow to be his muscle during a war between, well, between the Old Gods and the New. Bryan Fuller and Michael Green will be bringing the story to television, and have already cast The 100‘s Ricky Whittle as Mr. Wednesday’s associate, Shadow Moon.

McShane, a British actor, is best known as the antiques dealer Lovejoy in his native country, but in the U.S. he gained notoriety and fervent dedication for his portrayal of Al Swearengen on the tragically cancelled Western Deadwood. He was also “Murder Santa” on the second season of American Horror Story, which officially gives him the greatest resume in all of recorded history.

Neil Gaiman sounds excited about the way the cast is shaping up, saying:

When you write a beloved character like Mr. Wednesday, you get to watch the Internet trying to cast the role,” Gaiman said in a statement. “I’ve seen a hundred names suggested, but few make me grin like Ian McShane does… Yesterday was Super Tuesday. Today is Wonderful Wednesday.

And the always reserved and retiring showrunner Bryan Fuller chimed in, saying:

Actor. Icon. And now god. It is a goddamn delight to be collaborating with the incomparable Ian McShane — again and for the first time — on a story about faith and belief, with the utmost faith and belief in Mr. McShane as our Mr. Wednesday. A wonderful Wednesday indeed.

What does everyone think about this casting? Are you excited to see Ian McShane match wits with Ricky Whittle?

[via The Hollywood Reporter and TVLine!]


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