Why Yes, Yes We Would Like to See a Ghibli Version of the Millennium Falcon!

Holy crap look at that Miyazaki-fied version of Chewie. Berlin-based illustrator Lap Pun Cheung is creating one of the most charming mashups we’ve ever seen by transforming scenes from the Star Wars Universe into Hayao Miyazaki-style illustrations. He’s also sharing his process as he goes, so other artists can follow in his footsteps! Check out his rendtions of Darth Maul and Darth Vader below.

First, here’s Vader, flanked by airships:

Miyazaki-style Vader

And a Mononoke Hime-style Darth Maul who’s somehow even more terrifying than the original:

Miyazaki-style Darth Maul

Aw, great, now we’ve got “Duel of the Fates” stuck in out heads again… You can see more of Lap Pun Cheung’s work here!

[via Lost at E Minor!]


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