Deadpool Chooses Sides in the Civil War!

One would expect that Deadpool, former Special Forces, current unhinged merc, would get along well with Tony Stark. They both attack the unique problems of being superpowered with a snark and virtuosic loquacity. It’s also easy to assume, as artist Lord Mesa attests, that Captain America would be shocked beyond words by Deadpool’s casual attitude toward cussing. However! Chris Evans, who is probably the closest thing to Captain America we have in real life, has taken the narrative in an unexpected direction. We have shared a series of tweet below that will make you desperately wish that Deadpool could be the newest Avenger.

The opening volley: Cap, er, Chris Evans, offers a heart hail and well-met to his fellow box office champ, and a clearly jealous Tony Stark swoops in!

Deadpool vs Tony

And when Evans, adorably, tries to prove that he can keep up with ‘pool? Well, Deadpool switches teams again:

Deadpool and Hello Kitty

Is it too late to add both Deadpool and Hello Kitty to Infinity War?

[via io9!]




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