Disney Will Give Us the Star Wars Rides We’ve Been Looking For!

Sometimes corporate synergy creates undeniable good. Case in point: thanks to Disney and Star Wars becoming one massive entertainment-providing entity, Disneyland and Walt Disney World will soon offer Star Wars-themed areas, allowing you to immerse yourself utterly in a galaxy long ago and far, far away—unless you live in California or Florida, in which case they’re fairly close. Last night, during the “Wonderful World of Disney: Disney at 60” special, Harrison Ford himself growled out an introduction to new Star Wars theme park concept art before ceding the stage to BB-8, who introduced a performance of Star Wars music that soon turned into a lightsaber rave. While we can’t recreate the rave aspect, we can share the art. Check out the newest paintings below!

Is that child wearing Mickey Mouse ears, or Leia Buns? Will they sell Leia Buns?

Star Wars Disney ride

Will Stormtroopers roam the park? And will they repeatedly try to shoot you and miss?

Star Wars Disney Ride

Come to think of it, maybe Disney could keep this juggernaut rolling? Could we get Kashyyyk Land, with poor overheated saps playing Wookiees? Or what about Hoth Adventures? The potential for creepy animatronic Tauntauns is endless. Oh, or Coruscant Experience, where you and your children can engage in protracted debate with other leaders in the Galactic Senate!

OK, maybe not that last one.

Star Wars Disney Ride

According to Disney’s latest release about the rides, “…guests will be able to step aboard The Millennium Falcon and actually pilot the fastest ship in the galaxy, steering the vessel through space, firing the laser cannons, in complete control of the experience.” So, once this ride opens that’s where you’ll be able to find us. Forever.

You can see more of the art over at Entertainment Weekly!


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