Deadpool Probably Won’t Host SNL After This Meltdown

Sometimes, in the ever-changing tides of life on the internet, the low pressure systems of celebrity tantrums and whirling vortices of sleeper hit films crash into each other to create: The Perfect Pop Cultural Storm. Such a typhoon broke over the golden shores of the Metaverse this weekend, as Gift That Keeps On Giving Kanye West and Biggest R-Rated Movie of All Time (Of All Time!) Deadpool made sweet, sweet viral love.

…wait, that sounds gross. Occasionally the metaphors get away from us. You may have heard the recording of Mr. West’s meltdown backstage at Saturday Night Live last week. (If you haven’t, here you go.) At almost exactly the same moment, a petition was circulating demanding that Lorne Michaels invite Deadpool (not his handler, the actor Ryan Reynolds) to host the show. Deadpool responded to the petition in the Deadpooliest way possible, and you should head down to hear his probably-NSFW (depending on where you work) reaction.

[via Laughing Squid!]


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