Just Finn and Poe, Literally Hanging Out On a Ship Together

Though they have yet to swap clothes, we can tell that even in Regency time Poe’s jacket would suit Finn. We’re sure the two of them will be able to pilot that noble ship through even the most terrible storm. John Boyega shared this lovely portrait on Instagram as a snarky contribution to Throwback Thursday (because he is perfect) but it isn’t just these two: artist TheRealMcGee re-imagined several characters from The Force Awakens as Regency icons!

Check out Regency Rey! Look at that lightsaber hilt. We wish this could be incorporated into Star Wars Episode VIII…maybe a dream sequence?

Regency Rey

And Regency Kylo Ren actually achieves the quiet dignity that poor Emo Solo desires so desperately:

Regency Kylo

You can head over to TheRealMcGee’s Society 6 shop to find more Regency awesomeness, plus a portrait of Ben Organa Solo that made us cry. And hell, since we love you, here’s John Boyega celebrating his BAFTA win with his cat.

[via John Boyega’s fantastic Instagram account!]


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