A Song for No Man’s Land Audio Excerpt

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  • Chapter 1 - February 19, 2016

Tim Gerard Reynolds is no stranger to the world of sci-fi and fantasy audiobook narration (a quick search on any audiobook retailer shows more than 35 narration credits in the genres) and is a veteran narrator on the Tor.com Publishing list, having previously read Sylvia Spruck Wrigley’s Domnall and the Borrowed Child and David Tallerman’s Patchwerk.

In this latest adventure, Reynolds takes the listener back in time to the battlefields of the Great War where Robert Jones finds himself up against a force more nightmarish than the Germans and their guns. A Song for No Man’s Land is the first in a trilogy from Andy Remic.

Listen to an excerpt of A Song for No Man’s Land, read by Tim Gerard Reynolds:

A Song for No Man’s Land is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats from Tor.com Publishing! From the catalog copy:

He signed up to fight with visions of honour and glory, of fighting for king and country, of making his family proud at long last. But on a battlefield during the Great War, Robert Jones is shot, and wonders how it all went so very wrong, and how things could possibly get any worse.

He’ll soon find out. When the attacking enemy starts to shapeshift into a nightmarish demonic force, Jones finds himself fighting an impossible war against an enemy that shouldn’t exist.

You can find the audio edition on Audible or order the ebook edition at the links below!


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