Matt Damon Has Replaced Sean Astin as the Face of Pop Cultural Potato Enthusiasm

Including a DVD of The Martian in a bin of potatoes seems like a perfect bored-grocery-store-employee move, right? And that’s what we thought it was, until Gizmodo set us straight. Apparently this is an actual, real, official cross-promotion with a potato purveyor, Albert Bartlett, which committed to their space-loving theme by giving away a trip to Kennedy Space Center. After your stint in Kennedy’s Astronaut Training Experience, Albert Bartlett says, “…you’ll put your skills to the test with an incredible simulated space mission to see if you’ve got what it takes to become The Martian!” 

This is a terrifying sentence, given how much, um, human waste harvesting Matt Damon has to do in the film. But still, space camp!

[via Gizmodo!]


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