Tatiana Maslany’s Next Role: Hamilclones!

With Orphan Black season 4 premiering in the next two months, we’ve got some intel about the latest batch of clones… Project Ham!

Tatiana Maslany is the latest famous audience member to take in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, but was she just there in her off-time (trick question—she has no free time!), or doing research? Miranda made the best (because it’s true) joke on his Twitter:

Try to be cool, Lin—this woman could play every part in Hamilton AT THE SAME TIME.

Maslany has said that she uses playlists to get into character… And, get this, she loves rap (from a 2013 interview):

Since I was 11, I’ve been in love with hip-hop and rap. I went to Busta Rhymes by myself because nobody would come with me. For a time I was in a rap group. Every now and then I’ll get obsessed with a rapper and want to write. That’s also where I feel brave—with a mic in my hand in front of the audience.

Dream casting, right there.


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