Watch the Joan Jett Concert/X-Men Movie That We Need Right Now

Filmmaker Arvin Bautista has made a rock ‘n roll “New Mutants” fan film featuring lady glam rocker Lila Cheney and it is WONDERFUL.

Here’s the backstory: At some point in the comics in the late 1980s or early 1990s the X-Men got ate up by some aliens and were gone for a while. Professor X got left behind and became TOO SAD to make more X-Men, but lots of mutantkind still needed training to control their powers and what, do you want Magneto to do it? No! So the Professor eventually brought on some new students, who became known as “the New Mutants.”

Just like the new team from “Giant Size X-Men #1,” these new kids were a diverse lot, hailing from Vietnam, Brazil, a Cheyenne reservation, Scotland, and Kentucky. As time went on, they added students from Russia, outer space, and some bizarre secret Roman kingdom. (Remember: comic books.) Their adventures were a lot of fun, and Bautista’s music video below for “I Will Steal Your Heart” really captures the greasy, squeaky tone of the characters at that time.

It also features TONS of cameos from the X-Men comics books of that era. See if you can spot them all! (There’s a LOT. Seriously. I think the only thing the video is actually missing is a poster for a “Cats Laughing” show.)

Oh Cannonball, you’re such a cute little dope. (And did anyone catch the harsh burn that gets made about Kitty Pryde?)

Great job, Bautista! Here’s hoping Bryan Singer sees this and immediately orders you to make this into a feature length teen X-Men romp.


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