Hannibal is Out to Steal Your Heart (and Possibly a Few Other Organs) this Valentine’s Day!

Artist Brandon Bird has given us many gifts over the years. There was Shia LaBeouf as all the Doctors. There was Christopher Walken building C-3PO. But maybe his best work yet is a series of Valentines Days stickers celebrating the Greatest Love Story of All Time: Hannibal. The stickers (which he calls ‘Hannibal-entines‘ because of course) also highlights Hannibal’s stellar supporting cast, so if you love Jack Crawford or #TeamSassyScience, we have a sticker for you! Beware, though, these tokens of love contain spoilers if you haven’t watched the whole show.

This sticker captures the immortal moment when Hannibal sniffs Will Graham, and Will realizes that there might be more to this relationship than he thought…and the audience realizes there might be more to this show than they ever anticipated.

Hannibal Valentine: Hannigram

Sweet Valentine sentiment? Or sick burn on Jack Crawford’s detecting skills?

Hannibal Valentine: Jack Crawford

Team Sassy Science! Team Sassy Science 4-Eva!

Hannibal Valentine: Sassy Science

Oh, but we’re missing a member of #TSS…we love this joke. Love it. But this plot twist still hurts. Too soon, Valentine’s Day stickers!

Hannibal Valentine: Beverly

Check out Brandon Bird’s site for more stickers, cards, and art!




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