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The last few years have seen a heartening spike in people’s love of SPACE. Between Gravity, Interstellar, The Martian, Curiosity’s selfies, the Twitter-based love affair of Rosetta and her Philae Lander, The Expanseall of the various SpaceX projects, and astronaut Scott Kelly’s #YearinSpace, Earthlings seem to have decided to take space travel seriously again. Now, NASA and JPL have given us a new take on Space Travel – a series of gorgeous posters from Invisible Creature design!

The posters will be used to create a 2016 calendar for NASA staff, scientists, engineers, and government officials. You can also get digital copies here at JPL’s site, and you can buy physical prints through Invisible Creature.

Here’s a dreamy take on Venus:

Venus by Invisible Creature

A fabulous neo-Deco poster for Mars:

Mars by Invisible Creature

A riff on the old European Grand Tour that will take you to the edge of our solar system:

Grand Tour by Invisible Creature

And finally Kepler 16b, which is our favorite because Tatooine:

Kepler 16b by Invisible Creature

Maybe the best part of this art project lies in its backstory: Invisible Creature was founded in 2006 by Don and Ryan Clark, and while they’ve worked with huge names like Nike and Target, working with NASA was especially memorable. Here’s their grandfather, Al Paulsen, hard at work at NASA, where he was an illustrator for more than 30 years:

Al Paulsen at NASA

You can learn more about Invisible Creature’s inspirations over at The Verge!



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