Worlds Without End is Challenging Readers to Explore’s Short Fiction

Well, color us flattered: Worlds Without End, an online database committed to identifying the best science fiction, fantasy, and horror books for readers, has announced the Short Fiction Reading Challenge. This is just one of the many “Roll Your Own” reading challenges that WWEnd hosts; other specialized challenges for 2016 include reading 13 Brandon Sanderson books in a year, or reading 12 books by 12 new-to-you female authors in the same length of time. As WWEnd is adding short fiction to its database, they thought it would be the perfect timing to inspire readers to discover new short works.

As with other Roll Your Own challenges, this one runs from January to December 2016. Readers (who must be members of WWEnd to participate) are encouraged to choose among four reading levels, from 24 books to 96 books. (“Books,” in this case, meaning our short stories, novelettes, and novellas.) WWEnd has over 300 stories listed on their website, which you can read free on WWEnd further explains the challenge:

And since it’s Tor, you know the authors are top notch household names… well, in more geeky households anyway. Authors like Kim Stanley Robinson, Ellen Kushner, Michael Swanwick, Seanan McGuire, Harry Turtledove, Kameron Hurley, Eileen Gunn, and Charles Stross to name just a few. These are a mix of original fiction and reprints in a multitude of sub-genres so there is plenty for everyone to love.

So the rules are simple: pick any shorts you like from for your list. They don’t have to be the freebies either—Tor won’t mind a bit if you buy some of their non-free novellas—but they do have to be from Tor. As usual we encourage you to take a flyer on some new authors and of course we hope you’ll try to split your reads between male and female authors. The reviews are just suggestions in this case but we do want to know about what you’re reading so drop by the forum to let us know how you’re doing. Don’t let the reading level numbers scare you off—these are shorts after all.

Find out more about the challenge on WWEnd. Note: is in no way affiliated with WWEnd, but we thank them for the signal boost!


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