We Declare a Crossover Comic Thumb War!

Artist Darren Rawlings‘ “Little Friends” series gives us the best kind of DC-Marvel crossover: one in which the heroes are tiny, cute, and BFFs. Just look at that thumb war! Of course, Green Lantern is doomed to failure, since Quasar is using GL’s arch-nemesis, the color yellow, in a clear bid for supremacy.

Here are Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate, proving that friendship is magic:

Magic Friends


Deadpool and Deathstroke greet each other in the traditional way of mercenaries (and we’ll just assume that Deadpool is breaking the fourth wall with a comment about his counterpart’s pouches):

Deadpool and Deathstroke


Ghost Rider toasts Atomic Skull’s marshmallow for him:

Ghost Rider and Atomic Skull


And Quicksilver and The Flash make excellent training buddies:

Quicksilver and Flash


But our favorites have to be the too most over-the-top villains ever:

Darkseid and Thanos

We can just imagine these two plotting doom for us all. It’s so sweet! Check out the rest of the Little Friends over at Darren Rawlings’ site!



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