Hi Steve, Here Are Your Friends–Oh, Awkward…

You might have noticed Facebook celebrating its 12th birthday on February 4 with the introduction of “Friends Day” videos on users’ walls: strolls through memory lane via algorithm and whether anyone remembers to tag each other in photos anymore. Marvel Entertainment, particularly the marketing team behind Captain America: Civil War, decided to get in on the fun with a cheeky parody on Steve Rogers’ timeline… mostly funny because it’s sad, and sad because it’s true.

Jeez, Facebook, way to remind Steve that most of his friends have died of old age, been lost to Hydra, or taken the opposing side in an ideological battle of opinion and various superpowers. Is the sight of Bucky’s face really worth the end of this video?

And no, Mark Zuckerberg, I don’t think Steve Rogers is interested in Facebook’s new and improved “degrees of separation” function. Hasn’t the poor guy been through enough?


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