We’re Going Back…to a Galaxy Long Ago and Far, Far Away

A mad Parisian genius known as Thirsty Bstrd has given us the single greatest work of nostalgia we’ve seen in a long time. What would happen if one combined the power of Star Wars and Back to the Future? What happens is that Obi Wan Kenobi has to guide young Luke Skywalker into the past, to ensure that Anakin and Amidala find true, if brief, love.

Let’s not dwell on just how much incest is happening, OK?

First we have to get the Delorean set correctly:

Long Time Ago

textFirst, Luke has to work with an older Doc Kenobi in the future.

Older Obi Wan as Doc

But once he goes back into the past, he has to convince young (and weirdly kind of hot?) Doc Kenobi that he’s telling the truth!

Young Doc Kenobi

And then there’s his mom… the less said about this the better.

Amidala in the 1950s

But I think my personal favorite is Luke shredding at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance… or, well, Enchantment Under the Sand might be more appropriate. Seas are hard to come by on Tatooine. How sweet are the Modal Nodes in those suits, though?

Enchantment Under the Luke

You can see the rest of the mashup over at Thirst Bstrd’s site!




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