Is Swamps of Sadness Land Just a Neverending Line?

Have you ever dreamed of mounting a Luck Dragon and sailing off into the sky, raining hot justice down upon any bully you saw? Did you ever want to stand in front of The Rock Biter and whisper, “They look like such big, strong, hands” to yourself, and then weep openly in front of strangers? Did you ever want to stand before a pair of half-naked Sphinxes, screaming “BE CONFIDENT” in your mind as you imagine their eyes juuuust starting to open?

Boy do we have the theme park for you.

Bavaria Films is a Universal-esque theme park with a German twist, said twist being that you can relive all the horror you experienced the first time you watched The Neverending Story, and oh yeah! There’s a Das Boot exhibit. Fun for the whole family.

You can totally see up Morla’s nose! Ew.

Morla, The Ancient One

They look like such big… strong…oh, there we go again. BRB, crying forever.

The Rockbiter

Her eyes are opening aren’t they? Aw, they’re totally opening! We’re so screwed…


But where is the Mirror that shows you that even though you thought you were kind, you are actually cruel? Are there stuffed Gmorks for children to wrassle? Costumed Atreyus, Engywooks and Urgls roaming around to amuse die kindern? Bags of candy rocks available for purchase?

Seriously though, we would scream our fool heads off if we got to pet Falkor. That would be amazing. Bavaria Films is in Munich, Germany, so be sure to visit next time you’re there!

[Via Dangerous Minds!]


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