Bow Before the Cuteness of Harry Potter Anime!

Kotaku has shared the most wonderful thing: chibi Harry Potter! And not just any chibi Harry Potter, but official anime designs for Harry Potter:

Warner Bros. Japan has officially licensed these illustrations for a series of Harry Potter goods that will go on sale within the country. So far, the designs have been limited to things like folder files, buttons, rubber stamps, and keychains.

Buttons? Rubber Stamps? Keychains??? Come on, guys, we want squishy plushy things, and we want ’em now! Click through to see the character designs, and bow before the power of Buckbeak!

See? Look at Buckbeak:

HPAnime 1

Here are an-even-more-mischevious-than-usual Fred and George:


And Draco is somehow more adorable than Ron? How is this possible? At least Sirius’ brooding personality has survived chibification.


Actually, as long as we’re making demands, we’ll second Kotaku and formally request an anime adaptation.

[via Kotaku!]



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